Fitness at Health 3.0

At Health 3.0 we take a holistic and integrated approach to our clients training. We believe that in order to design an effective individualized program for our clients many lifestyle factors and physical characteristics need to be taken into account. It is during the initial consultation that we gather this important information.

“Membership at Health 3.0 is limited in order to maintain a comfortable training experience for both client and trainer”.

An initial consultation would include a full body composition analysis as well as special testing for structural, postural, core stability and mobility imbalances. Based on this information your trainer will then design a programme individually customized according to your specific and realistic health goals.

Each client meets with their trainer during and after each training session to evaluate their progress.

Your trainer is always on hand to educate, motivate and to ensure proper technique so that muscle adaption can be achieved in the safest possible way.