Nutrition & Weight Management Clinic

At our clinic, we implement numerous nutritional strategies to help bring your health back into balance. As a unique individual, you will receive your own specific nutritional plan based on the results of blood tests. We remove guesswork, unnecessary suffering and together we decide what is the right path for you.

If your goal is weight loss, heal digestive issues, to increase your energy levels or to reduce the risk of disease, we use specific protocols to help you understand your unique body, help you achieve your goal and live a healthier happy more balanced life.

Food Intolerance Testing

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

  • Low energy?
  • Chronic Fatigue?
  • Find it hard to get out of the bed in the morning?
  • Constantly look to stimulants for energy?
  • Crave Sugar?
  • Do you experience difficulty in sleeping?
  • Do you experience digestive issues? ie leaky gut, IBS, Constipation
  • Have you noticed weight gain around your midsection or hip area?
  • Struggle to recover fully from training sessions?
  • Having recurring sports injuries?
  • Experience forms of depression or anxiety?
  • Suffer from chronic inflammation, pain or dis-ease?

We provide 2 different strategies;

1) Food Elimination Process ( Gold standard by industry standards, slow and a lot of guesswork)

2) IGG Blood Testing ( 100, 150, 208 different foods and minerals. 5-10 days for results )

Find out what foods are toxic to your system and eliminate them to help your body & mind heal.

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