Eat Well! Feel Well! Live Well!

Through trial and error, I came to really understand the importance of food. Like many other people, I was miseducated by the media and fitness industry which feeds us a narrow-minded view of nutrition. In my experience, modern diets and the fitness industry can create great results on a physical level, but there is knowledge available that is not always taken on board that can further advance health. A one size fits all attitude towards full health does not work for everyone and looking at a person’s full being, mind-body-spirit  achieves results on a far deeper level than just the physical. Striving for the perfect physique does not always equate to health.

Here’s the basic, simple truth that may be difficult to comprehend because of its simplicity. Our logical mind/ego wants complexity and science based reasoning. But when it comes to food, just think in terms of ENERGY. Food is energy and its purpose is to give us energy in order to do every day physical and mental tasks. The more strenuous the task, the more food for energy we need. Simple!

If you get in the habit of consuming healthy foods with good protein, slow releasing carbohydrates from clean sources, and vegetables and fruit, you have covered all your nutritional needs for nourishment, optimal health and well-being. Forget about calorie counting, different types of fad diets and supplementation unless you feel you are unable to get the balanced amount of nutrients through proper clean real food.

A balanced and varied diet that compliments your unique individual body is key for physical health. Any food that does not suit your individual body will lead to an imbalance or as the medical industry would diagnose with labels such as, obesity, thyroid disorders, diabetes to name but a few.


Some examples of clean sources of nutrients include:

Protein – Meat ( Sparingly ), Fish, Eggs, Legumes, Nuts, Seeds.

Carbohydrates – Rice, Potato, Grains, Vegetables, Fruit.

Good Fats – Avocado, Coconut oil and butters, Nuts and Nut Butters, Olive Oil, Fish oil.

Vitamins and Minerals – All of the above and super foods ( Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Chia seeds to name a few ) .

(The appropriateness of these foods is subject to the individual’s tolerance or intolerance to them.)

Water is also a key nutrient that our body needs in order to function properly. Dehydration can lead to several problems, such as mistaking hunger for thirst, which leads to overeating, muscle pain especially in the lower back and brain fog, to name just some issues.

So now that you have your fuel and water intake sorted and have planned a breakfast, lunch, evening meal, with a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon (only if you feel hungry), you will have a full tank of energy ready to use throughout your day.

It is extremely important to eat breakfast, and if you exercise, to eat straight after your workout. Your breakfast should contain more protein sources and good fats to stabilise your blood sugar so you don’t have a mid-morning sugar crash. This keeps your mind sharp and focused on the tasks you have to do during the day. If you struggle with eating breakfast, I would suggest trying a homemade shake – using simple ingredients that covers all the nutrients your body  requires, and mixing them in a food blender.

After your workout, ideally you should have protein and a simple carbohydrate to help quickly replenish your energy. Again, whole foods are the way forward for physical health. You just have to be inventive and find foods that you find palatable and that suit your body best. Good sources of carbohydrates work really well at night to help the body and mind release serotonin and other hormones, which helps your nervous system relax and get ready to sleep so you can be refreshed and energetic for the next day.

Think of your body as a car and ask yourself the question: would you put diesel into a petrol car? Obviously the answer is NO because the car would not run efficiently and eventually break down. Yet this is what people all over the world are doing; causing the systems in the body to become very toxic resulting in break down. When the system is toxic it cannot eliminate waste stored in fat cells, muscles, tissues and organs, which eventually breaks down cells and contributes to weight gain, a sluggish thyroid, stress, lack of energy, depression, skin problems, anxiety, cancer and many more diseases.

No internet search or diet book can tell you exactly what fuel your body runs most efficiently on. We have found, that simple food intolerance testing, costing very little money is a huge investment in your future health, can give you a clear indication on what fuel your body runs best on to keep you balanced. The body then has a healthy environment to heal itself and your energy levels increase.

People are familiar with the fact that refined sugar, MSG, aspartame and all processed foods can contribute to disease in our bodies. Research has found that other foods such as broccoli, lemon, onions, dairy and other ‘clean’ food groups can also be the cause of health issues for some individuals. That is why it is so important to get a simple  food intolerance test done to see how your body responds to what you are eating and therefore allow your body to find its own natural balance.

Malnutrition is not normally thought of in our society as a disease, and almost always goes unidentified and untreated. It causes people to constantly feel hungry and lacking in energy. These symptoms are often misdiagnosed by the medical industry as obesity, anorexia, depression and anxiety, among other labels.. A pill will be prescribed, which often only masks the problem and doesn’t get to the deeper underlying issue which toxic food can be contributing factor.

So our perception of what it means to be fat or skinny is misrepresentative – it is simply malnutrition of that individual’s system. If the vehicle or your body isn’t getting the right fuel, it won’t run efficiently or have the energy to sustain a healthy, happy, successful life.

Malnutrition of our bodies then leads us to stimulants such as caffeine, energy drinks and sugar to get the energy we need. These, of course, are a false source of energy and only lead to an energy crash that causes enormous stress on the body. This can then lead to stomach problems, more stress, depression, weight gain, anxiety, muscle problems, food addiction and cancer.

Our behaviour is then affected by having imbalanced energy. Some behavioural issues from malnutrition that people may experience include hyperactivity, depression or low self-esteem, anger, frustration, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts.

These symptoms are very noticeable, especially in children, who are then sent to doctors, psychologists and other therapists for treatment. Often these symptoms are labelled as ADHD, ADD, Asperger’s or Autism. These labels further program the body for disease in the future. The wrong food for the individual is the one driving force for behaviour issues that needs to be addressed first.

Good sleep is crucial for overall health and well-being. Insufficient sleep has an adverse effect on your immune and nervous systems. No medication will reverse the effects of poor bedtime practice. Most of us are living life in reverse and not flowing with our natural cycles. Waking up tired and going to bed wired and stressed. This ‘normal’ pattern of daily life has a deteriorating effect on our well-being.


Some essential points to improve restful sleep especially for children and teenagers are:


➔ Your bedroom should resemble a bat cave – no light.

➔ No technology – i.e. phones, TV, computers, video games, etc.

➔ Thirty minutes of relaxation before bed – e.g. soft music, candles, guided meditation.

➔ Gratitude log and positive journal to aid a restful mind.

➔ Eating the correct foods to aid sleep.




❏ Book a simple food intolerance test to see how you can keep your unique energy high naturally to fulfil your daily activities. That’s how simple it is meant to be! Cuts out the guess work and unnecessary suffering.

❏ Rotate different food sources and make each meal as colourful as possible, choosing from a list of good whole sources of proteins, good fats, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits.

❏ Sit with your family regularly to enjoy the process of eating and savouring the atmosphere of the food that has been prepared with gratitude and love. Try at least once a day, but if that’s not possible, try at least once a week.

❏ Relax while eating with no distractions from computers, newspapers or phones. Create good eating habits and pass them on to your children.

❏ Eating while stressed does not allow you to absorb full nourishment from food. We are not meant to eat on the run as we stressfully try to meet deadlines and daily tasks. We are meant to be in a relaxed state to release enzymes to facilitate proper digestion and receive full nourishment from our food.

❏ Eat good, natural food. This will balance weight and control hormones, especially blood sugar and stress hormones. It maintains a strong immune system, proper focus, fun in life, confidence and happiness.

To finish, I have spent thousands on education, read book after book, tried different systems of eating, got tested a number of times and as soon as I started to see FOOD AS ENERGY, it cleared the confusion and debunked all the special diets and fads that huge marketing companies use to sell fitness, health and associated products.

My mother’s body came to a complete stop at the early age of 56.  Food was a major part of why her body deteriorated alongside smoking and excessive worrying.  Do not let your body break down prematurely.  Hopefully you will understand now the importance of making healthy food choices.  Food is your medicine.

At Health 3.0 we offer a non-invasive food intolerance test that takes 40 minutes and tests for over 150 different food groups or a blood test. You can book you appointment by contacting the centre on 086 0206447. Check out our website for more information.