The mind is a beautiful tool that helps create and navigate us through this amazing journey called life. The key to health, happiness and success is becoming the guardian, protector and gardener of this delicate tool that can be manipulated so easily by different forces.

The mind is not to be mistaken for the brain or nervous system or anything physical because it is none of these. Yet it controls our every thought and emotion which leads to a physical action or reaction in the body. Our mind has evolved at a tremendous pace and is capable of retaining more information than past generations. Unfortunately, with the speed of technology, this can be very overwhelming especially for highly sensitive people.

When the mind is manipulated negatively, it leads to rapid degeneration or disease in the physical body.

For example, think of a negative or stressful experience. Be it in school, at home, at work or at any stage of life to date. If enough focus and attention are directed on that thought, we can trigger a stress reaction within the body that causes a release of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

This stress reaction makes our heartbeat faster, breathing shorten, sugar is broken down from the cells to give energy for a fight or flight response,  leading to the emotion of anger, rage or stress. An immune response has been triggered and a  cascade of chemical reactions in the body has been released all by producing one thought while sitting reading this.

The situation just thought of is not in the present moment. It is in the past. However, we have just thought about it as if it were happening right now. This is a normal response for most of society at this stage of our evolution. We are either living in the past or worrying about the future. It is having a huge deteriorating effect on our health, relationships, careers, finances and overall quality of life.

Now do exactly the same thing, but think of a positive experience. Keep thinking of that experience and feel what is going on in your body. Do you feel joy, happiness and peace? The whole body should feel relaxed and calm. This type of thinking creates positive healthy results as opposed to the previous example, which created stress, unhappiness, and disease. This is the difference between thinking negatively and positively and we are the only one who has control over that process. Once we make a conscious effort to direct our focus on positive thoughts and emotions, we can create peace, love, and joy in life.  Also, we are creating health and a future that gives us purpose and fulfilment. This is the difference between being at ease or disease.

Life is determined by our perspective of a particular experience and the meaning we choose to give to it. For example, the colour red is neutral. There is nothing significant attached to the colour. However, through the use of our minds, we can associate it with negative aspects such as danger, anger, and rage or we could associate it with the more positive aspects of love, passion and warmth. How we have allowed our minds to be programmed and conditioned determines the meaning we choose to give life experiences.

The same concept applies to all life experiences. We choose through our mind to label an experience. If you choose to see the positive meaning every time, your life will transform. Remember people are more important than material things, so always choose to love and accept people for who they are. People will come into life as great teachers to help us see what needs to transform from within.  If experiencing any lower energy, such as anger and depression, we need to change focus, and ask positive questions, to see what we are being taught for our growth and development. Be thankful, bless them and then detach if necessary. That’s what it is all about. Attaching and detaching to every experience. We choose what we want to hold onto or let go of. Nobody else can control those decisions for us unless we give them permission.

The mind is neutral. It stores what we feed it.  The more positive our outlook, the more conscious our decisions will become. We have to decide to take control and be the guardian of what we allow to influence us. If we have created or allowed negative external circumstances to influence and condition our mind to create toxic beliefs and values then we must be honest with oneself and unlearn this way of being to make room for a healthier, happier mind. It is important to take ownership of where we are right now in order to create a future we truly desire, regardless of any situation in the present moment.

The mind is very powerful. Negative programming equals negative results. Positive programming brings positive results. Choosing to feed the mind with inspiration and adopt an attitude of gratitude for every experience we have been given, is a way to begin reprogramming for positive results in health and life. All your experiences up to now have brought you to this point of growth. With this new awareness,  we can appreciate life as a gift and begin to choose the direction we consciously want to take instead of unconsciously.

Each of our life experiences helps us to further our growth and development and come closer to our truth. Some experiences may seem unpleasant or negative in the moment and eventually, we will understand that they were opportunities for us to learn valuable lessons. If we choose to find the positive within the situation, we accelerate our growth. We may immediately get the understanding of the experience or it could take days, weeks, months or years. The key to less pain and suffering is to detach from the expectation of an experience.  Trust and have faith that everything is going in the right direction.

I experienced growing up in a very negative and toxic environment.  I was also the target for bullying both physically and mentally. While these experiences were difficult to deal with as a child, I later realized it was something I needed to experience to enable me to help others in dealing with similar situations.  My experience with being bullied was the awareness that the bully was the one who was suffering from their own pain, anger, and frustration due to their own negative environment.  The way bullies deal with their own pain is to hurt others.  This is not a true reflection of who they really are.  If we can understand that the act of aggression actually shows fear and weakness within the personality, it enables and empowers us to forgive and detach. Do not take it personally and the key to remember is to keep your inner light shining brightly. Stay true to yourself and to your own goals and dreams. Bullies have been some of my best teachers.  My past lessons have taught me to transcend my own fear into power. When focusing on the amazing life destined for you, it will become easy not to give anyone permission or power to project their negativity and insecurities on you.

If experiencing bullying at home, in school, at work or in the community, you may be feeling depressed or anxious. Depression and anxiety are just forms of fear that disable us from moving on from the past and stepping out into a brighter future. Please understand that these feelings and emotions can be overcome with the help of the simple tools shared in this blog and professional guidance.

Challenge the mind to new experiences that take it outside the comfort zone. This will help bring growth and give a new perspective on life. When we become comfortable in an uncomfortable state of mind, growth can be limited. These limitations can lead to anxiety, depression, stress, etc. So make sure to consistently seek growth in life. It is the little steps taken every day that leads to health, happiness and success in life. Remember, if going through a tough time, it will pass and bigger growth comes from it. Keep focused in the moment.  Life happens in cycles so nothing is permanent, each night brings a new day.

The more we practice feeding the mind positively, the more control we have over how we respond to life. We must become a master of our mind and not a slave to it. We have the power of choice and free will. Each day is a new day and an opportunity to become a better version and connect with our true higher self.  We will achieve control over our mind when we make it a habit of not living in the past and not fearing change. While becoming a true master of the mind, we will experience that life flows through us, with us and in support of us.

When we choose to be present in the moment, we have the capacity to experience peace, love, joy, happiness and be an instrument for health, abundance, and prosperity.  This is simply done by positive conscious thinking and taking positive action.  An example of such action is showing gratitude.  Making a list every day of the things that we can be grateful for in life will keep us in higher states of consciousness.

Another important tool for growth in our lives is meditation. Many people become overwhelmed when they hear the word meditation because the concept can be misunderstood. All the health benefits of meditation have been backed fully by medicine and science. Positive benefits include reducing stress, relieving pain, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, boosting your immune system, better weight management, control over negative thoughts and emotions, more focus in life and a better connection to your higher power, to name a few. The main objective is to obtain prolonged awareness, stillness and experience bliss and to connect with the divine within and receive guidance from a higher source to help guide us on this journey.

An example of meditation is sitting and becoming aware of your breath. This is also the quickest way to calm and de-stress an anxious mind. Being aware fully when eating, walking in nature and consciously noticing your surroundings by opening up your 5 senses – touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight,  or any activity that brings us back to being fully aware of what our body and mind are doing in the present moment. Therefore, the mind isn’t being pulled by events that may have happened in the past or running into the future preventing enjoyment in the now. We can learn simple techniques from many different sources and spiritual practices such as Arhatic Yoga, Mindfulness, Prayer etc.. Just research, experiment and see what practices fit best.

Suggestions to help  detoxify the mind:

❏    Take a moment to be grateful for things we take for granted, such as your eyes to be able to read this, your family for the love they bring, the food and water we receive every day, our jobs for the income it provides, our health that allows you to experience life fully.

❏    Watch out for negative programs from toxic food products and substances like cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and pornography, all of which dumb the mind down so we can’t think, feel or act from our true self in manifesting our goals and dreams.

❏    Observe how the mind will prevent us from eating nourishing food and exercising due to old programming and bad habits. We all know the health benefits of good nutrition and exercise, so focus on the positive aspects instead of the negative excuses that contribute to keeping us unhealthy.

❏    Remember, once a clear decision is made with the intention to make a change in life, it is done. The mind then tries to sabotage it by remembering old programs to prevent us from achieving the intended goal. Be strong and always remember what the intention is. Eventually, one will transcend the old negative programming and it will become an automatic positive habit.

❏     Protect the 5 senses from toxic television programs, social media and clever advertising that are manipulating our minds to buy certain products that we may not need. They purposely try to control our minds and our reality. We do not need many external things to be happy. It is not called a T.V. PROGRAM for no reason; it is actually making society believe things that are not true.

❏    Newspapers can also feed the mind with negativity if we are not aware. Reading constant reports of negative happenings will cause negative reactions in our bodies.

❏    Negative people will drain the physical and mental body of energy and can program us to a negative way of thinking if we cannot protect our mind. Choose to be around people who nourish and help with growth and development positively. This has a profound effect on the direction of health and the path that we choose for our future.

❏    Being in a job or career that truly does not bring fulfillment, can lead to the mind becoming negative. Remember that most of the waking day is spent there. If the program is negative then we are feeding our minds more negative food that is actually making us become diseased. Either be grateful for what the job is providing or make a conscious plan to pursue a job or career that brings true fulfillment and purpose.

❏    Be mindful about how we view finances, especially towards money. The more negative we are, for example – money is evil or constantly repeating I am broke – affects our ability to make money. This, in turn, affects our health and happiness.

❏    Inspire and motivate the mind by trying new things like reading, art, poetry, dancing and other activities that the mind may have been programmed negatively towards in the past. All these things open channels for creativity, true expression and leads to a happy, purposeful, fulfilling life.

❏    Choosing to be kind to all beings, compassionate, forgiving, tolerant, patient and being of service to others, allows the mind to see things clearly and as they really are.

❏    Create an environment with fun and laughter that feeds growth and development.

❏    Constantly choose positive affirmations especially if facing a disease or a challenge. Notice all the little things in life that we can be grateful for to combat a moment that may be stressful to the mind.

❏    Breathing and simple meditation exercises can help balance the mind quite quickly. Forming good habits like these enable us to become consciously aware of the decisions we are making every second of the day, which is creating our future. With regular practice, these positive behaviors will remain with us for life.

Learn how to breathe.

Without the breath, we do not live physically. Therefore, we need to teach ourselves and help children to remember how to breathe properly and consciously. Most of us breathe into our chest. Shallow breathing can trigger anxiety, stress, and tension. When we learn how to abdominally breathe, it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system and allows us to go into a deep relaxation that is essential for balancing our health.

Flexibility and relaxation are especially important for children. Through simple breathing exercises, we can restore balance in our body, which aids in repair and recovery and allows us to have the optimum energy for the next day’s events. This is extremely important. Gentle stretching, relaxation or yoga exercises keep us feeling young and fresh and will enable us to participate in other activities that we enjoy doing on a daily basis.

Try this simple technique taught by one of my teachers Grand Master Choa Kok Sui modern founder of Pranic Energy Medicine & Arhatic Yoga and also Twin Heart Meditation, which can transform the mind and lead to accelerated spiritual development:

● Sit up straight. Close your eyes and relax your shoulders.
● Breathe through your nostrils into your belly for 6 seconds and hold for 3 seconds.
● Breathe out through your nostrils for 6 seconds and hold for 3 seconds.

This is one cycle.
Repeat this cycle 5 times.

Breathing properly will not only help with calming the mind and reducing stress but also improves the immune system, detoxification system, nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and hormonal system. It can quickly clear the mind and bring in clarity and focus. So proper breathing means stronger vitality and health on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Once we master the mind, we can achieve great things in this gift we call life. We can use past experiences to help and lead the future generations from making similar mistakes that can lead to suffering, pain, disease, war, and greed. Peace can be achieved on earth once we learn and make a commitment to focusing and directing our mind on a higher level of truth that will bring a great change in our physical reality and to every being in the world.

May peace, faith, hope,  happiness, joy, health, success, and prosperity be with all of us.