Our human experience is amazing. Once we arrive on the planet Earth we can very quickly forget who we truly are and a lot of pain, suffering, and dis-ease can be caused. Firstly we need to look closely at what is the root cause of our pain not just the symptoms that are on the surface. We need to go deep and look inside. You see, I believe each and every one of us is a natural healer and we have the keys inside to our own healing power. Sometimes we just need a little help unlocking this full healing power potential.

As human beings, we need to understand and acknowledge that we are more than just a physical body. Yes, we physically will feel the dis-ease within our body but this is only one aspect of our healing journey. We also have an emotional body, a mental body, etheric energy body or bioplasmic body that are all connected to our soul body ( to simplify ). Once one of these bodies go out of balance then dis-ease sets into our whole being.

For example, if we go to a doctor with an irritable bowel or any physical symptom, most likely we will be prescribed medication to give us some relief. Let’s say the actual cause of the irritation is dairy. If we take our medication ( which may contain elements of dairy and can cause other side effects so please ask the doctor the appropriate questions ) to help heal and make us feel better and we decide to drink a glass of milk with dinner, have a chocolate dessert, and a coffee all in the one meal sitting or even spread out over the day, the medication cannot heal the bowel because we keep pouring the irritant into our body. In fact, we could be giving our body double negative toxins ( food and medication ) that can cause other symptoms/ labels like chronic fatigue, migraines, muscle cramps, asthma, constipation and even anxiety or depression to name a few. Imagine we are putting this toxin in several times a day, week after week and year after year, eventually, our immune system will become burdened with the toxicity and it will scream out with some form of an immune dis-ease.  No medication can help heal fully or repair the body if it is not supported with proper nutrition to help our immune system restore full strength and balance. Once awareness of the toxin is validated through getting simple testing done, which is very inexpensive and is an investment in health and happiness, we can then look at the healing process on the physical level. If the toxin is removed,  an environment for healing the inflammation can be created. This can be done with simple anti-inflammatory foods, herbs and some supplements to help speed up the healing which will compliment any medical advice that may have been given about the dis-ease.

Now if the irritant is not coming from the food we need to go a bit deeper. If pain and suffering persist after ruling out the physical cause -toxic food and lack of clean water, then we need to look into the persons’ lifestyle more. A lot of inflammation in the body can be triggered by harboring negative thoughts, emotions, stress and being subject to a toxic environment. An example would be the way people perceive their relationships with others. If two humans have an argument and over time one cannot let go of the issue then it can manifest physically in the body. The body will try and give a sign that we need to let go and forgive. This can be given the label of irritable bowel, to keep with the example above, but can also be labelled any condition in our medical world. Medication cannot fully heal the physical issue if the root cause is stuck in your mental and emotional bodies. This is why the mind-body connection is so extremely important for whole health. Complimentary therapies are really progressing with working with the medical industry here in the West as we understand more the full nature of dis-ease. Modern medicine and drugs are only around the last 100 or more years while traditional methods of healing have been known for 1000’s of years. If we engage in self-reflection, meditation and reduce stress in different areas of our life, eventually over time with practice and patience, the root cause will be found and we will be better able to understand what our unique self needs in order to heal. This is only one of many factors that can lead to suffering manifesting in your physical body. Controlling negative thoughts and emotions can bring great peace and healing into the physical body supported with professional guidance and help.

Moving on from the mental and emotional triggers we need to understand our energy  body. The anatomy of this body, which is as vital to our human existence as the air we breathe, is made up of energy centres called chakras, meridians, nadis, health rays, and auras. This body in order to maintain health and balance needs what is known as prana, chi, life-force just like the physical body needs air, water, and food. When the flow of energy gets blocked in a channel or chakra due to toxic food and stressful situations and environments,  it can manifest as an imbalance or dis-ease in the energy body first and unlimitedly manifest as a physical symptom. If the flow is blocked, by simply unblocking it, understanding the trigger and putting in practices to keep it flowing in balance the physical body can rapidly bring fresh healing power to the area that had been inflamed causing pain and suffering. There are many different methods and therapists that can help maintain balance within the energy body. This is of vital importance to over all health and well-being and is being widely accepted by the medical and scientific worlds today. Personally, I studied under the Institute for Inner Studies founded by Master Choa Kok Sui and his method of healing the body through Pranic Energy Medicine is a gift to humanity.

Here is a typical case study that we worked with for 2 sessions putting the above holistic approach together ( mind – body- spirit )  to achieve amazing results. The client presented to the centre with severe bowel problems. They were in so much pain that their mother and aunt had to accompany just to make sure that they could make it up the stairs. The client was scheduled to have an operation to remove a portion of their bowel the following month. After an initial consultation and case history and because of the fact they had gone down the conventional medical route and on a lot of medication with no success for months, a decision was made to give a Pranic energy session to relieve the chronic pain. After 45 mins the pain had substantially reduced. We picked up in the energy field that wheat was very toxic to the system which was contributing to the bowel issue. Other contributing factors were family relationships which were very stressful, lack of self-esteem and holding onto anger which was causing the client so much toxicity within the whole system. After explaining to the client what they needed to do in order to heal, we put in place nutritional strategies after testing validated wheat being highly toxic to the physical body, meditation and relaxation techniques to rebalance the stressful issues and forgiveness protocols to allow a full flow of energy through their energy system which was very important to maintain and keep the energy channels clear to allow the healing to be absorbed on all levels ( mind – body -spirit ) by the client. A miraculous recovery followed within a very short period of time.

To finish this article, I’ve been blessed to witness and be in the presence of many 1000’s of miracles through working with the simple laws of nature on physical, mental and spiritual levels. For complete healing to take place we must look at dis-ease from a holistic point of view and not try and separate any part of our unique self. The more we learn to understand, educate and become responsible for our own health with the guidance and love of professionals, family, and other forces, we can achieve extraordinary results. Each and every one of us has the same healing ability and power. We must make the first step to want to heal by becoming empowered with the right knoweldge, education and path that feels right for our unique self.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please feel free to contact the centre.

I wish everyone love, light, happiness, joy, peace, healing, abundance and success in life.