Health Talks For Communities


Health 3.0 is an educational health company to help individuals and companies to understand the true meaning of the word Health and to keep it in balance on all levels.


Our goal is to close the huge gap in the market for education not just on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional and energetic level. The true meaning behind Mind – Body – Spirit Connection

Who this health talk is designed for

These health talks are designed for different communities who are interested and prepared to increase their knowledge to a level that not only will help the individual’s life but also have an impact on the health & well being of their family and friends. We have done numerous health talks in different areas of health to great success.

Some of the topics we discuss are listed below.

  • Malnutrition/ Food Sensitivities / Incorrect Dieting.
  • Incorrect Training methods for weight loss, muscle building or sports performance.
  • Depression, Fear, Anger, Anxiety Attacks, Cognitive Disorders, Stress, Behaviour Disorders and more.
  • Mental or Emotional Trauma/ Shock/ Attacks/ Phobias/Addictions.
  • Thyroid dysfunction, IBS, Liver toxicity, Chronic Fatigue, ME, Muscle or Joint Issues, Neurological disorders, Immune Problems, Diabetes and Cancer.


Our talks help educate people with simple tools that will help balance the areas in their life that may be contributing to pain, disease and suffering and to better understand why we become imbalanced in all areas of life. Essential skills that will dramatically improve health and will lead to a more positive attitude towards the future.