Have you ever stood beside someone who is really positive? How do you feel? Probably happy and energized! Now have you ever stood beside someone who is really negative? How do you feel? Probably drained and exhausted like the life has been sucked out of you. This is exactly what happens on an energy level with all our interactions with people and stressful, daily situations. We connect energetically and most of us do not know how to disconnect, leaving ourselves open to disease on all levels.

My first formal introduction to the energy world was astonishing. It was two weeks after my mother’s passing. I had really severe pain in both my arms for several months, almost preventing me from doing physical activities, i.e. work. Looking at my education and fitness background, I ticked all the boxes for full health. Any physical therapists I attended could not find any underlying issue. I was desperate to get back to normal, especially after mother passing and was prepared to try anything. I was guided to a very special, skilled and gifted Pranic Healer, Ms. Bernadette Sheridan, who explained to me that my pain was not physical but energetic. Skeptical, but willing to try anything to relieve my suffering, she blew my mind wide open. Bernadette explained energy anatomy in a very scientific manner that made sense to me on deeper levels. I had a blockage in my throat chakra due to the stress and grief of my mother’s disease. My pain was miraculously healed.

Science has proven that the universe is made up of vibrating energy. The planet Earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic field that sustains life force. Humans have their own electromagnetic field that sustains life.

Our physical body cannot function without what is called our energy bodies. The physical body is made up of cells, tissues, organs, and systems. Our invisible energy body is made up of energy centres called chakras, meridians, auras and several other vital systems of energy anatomy that we all have and need to live in this physical world. They are both interconnected so what affects one body has a huge effect on the other. The laws of nature, science, religion and the miracle of life all validate this universal truth on deeper levels.

The food that keeps the energy body healthy is called life force, Chi or Prana. This comes from healthy real food, water, air, sun, and earth. The chakras are energy centres, which absorb and distribute the life force into every molecule of our physical body, which keeps us healthy. If the energy cannot flow or becomes blocked then the area becomes weak and the corresponding physical organ, tissue or system becomes diseased. This is then labeled in the medical world as some form of a condition such as IBS, asthma, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia or cancer, etc.

When we understand our energy anatomy fully, we will clearly see how we can unblock and release disease to allow the body to self-heal. In order to do this, we must create the correct environment for bringing the body back to balance to allow full healing.


Several factors cause the energy to become blocked:

❏ Real, nutritious food has a lot of life force or energy in it. If we constantly choose–and remember most of us have a choice–to consume food that does not suit our unique individual energy and physical body and is toxic to the system then a blockage will be formed.
For example, if we choose to put the processed pizza into our body, instead of a healthy source of food like fruit, over time the stomach energy centre may become weak and prevent food being digested properly, which could manifest as IBS or constipation. This then has a knock-on effect on overall energy levels, mood and focus as described in my first blog, which affects your relationships, career, and finances. The more you keep making poor food choices, the more your energy levels become lower and lower causing life to become less enjoyable and closer to disease.

❏ Water is also a key nutrient that our body needs in order to function properly. Dehydration can lead to several blockages in the system, for example, mistaking hunger for thirst which leads to overeating, muscle pain, especially in the lower back, and brain fog to name just a few. A lot of people who come to us with physical back pain mostly have an energy blockage. Physical treatments alone may not fully heal the body if it is an actual energy blockage. It needs to be released from the energy system.

❏ Movement of the body is key to keep the energy flowing throughout the body. If we stay in the same position for too long then we may end up with congested energy in an area that can manifest as pain, stiffness or a loss of use. Bad posture contributes to energy blockages and that is why strength training and yoga are excellent for keeping muscular and skeletal balance and a healthy flow of energy. It is good to move from a stationary position at least every 30 minutes and doing some gentle stretches and breathing can re-energize the whole body and keep you flexible and healthy.

❏ The mind is one of the major key influences on our energy system. If we produce on average 50,000 to 90,000 thoughts a day, which is influenced more by negativity than positivity, then we create energy blockages within the energy centres and meridians that can manifest as low energy, migraine, anxiety, depression, hormone issues, diabetes, weight issues and cancer. Again, these conditions are all just medical terms for simple blockages that are causing our body physical disease through the wrong use of the mind, which directs the flow of energy. Change our thoughts and we can change our health and the direction of our life. Remember, energy goes wherever you direct it by using your will or intention.

❏ Each chakra or energy centre is very sensitive to the environment. If we keep the environment positive and in balance then our energy will stay healthy and vibrant. Negative stressful environments affect the energy body and quickly depletes it. One can learn how to feel, scan, distribute and unblock any blockages in the energy field very simply within a few days of training. I personally learned this through Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s system, which is a gift to humanity, called Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. This is hugely beneficial and important to us understanding true health. Alternatively, find a therapist who is trained in energy medicine to help understand and unlock what may be causing any suffering or pain, which may manifest physically or psychologically.

❏ Stress-energy is very depleting and causes the chakras to become dysfunctional. Over a long period of holding onto old negative stressful thoughts, feelings and habits or staying in stressful environments (other people’s energy can affect you), the impact on your overall health can be detrimental. If we do not become aware of this physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, we can end up on a rollercoaster of highs and lows. It is necessary to protect oneself from these energies and use methods that can restore balance in health.

❏ Stress-energy is one of the biggest contributing factors to all man-made diseases. Motivation and drive are an essential part of a productive life, but when it turns into chronic stress, it becomes counterproductive. It’s important to be able to differentiate between both and keep balance.



★ The quickest way to release stress energy is through any form of movement, exercise and breathing techniques.

★ Other de-stressors are meditation, especially a specific meditation called Twin Heart Meditation, prayer, a gratitude diary, relaxation, laughter and fun, being out in nature or just simply doing an activity you enjoy.

★ Surrounding yourself with people who love you and feeling supported also helps to keep your energy health positive.

★ Once you understand how to manipulate your energy systems, which is an inner science, you can produce miraculous results for any type of physical or psychological disease.


Hope this blog is of help and if you would like to learn more please check out the website and contact us for more information.


May we all be blessed with love, light, happiness, health, abundance, success and prosperity.