To die is to live, to live is to die, until we find what we are truly seeking inside of us to fully exist.

Every moment is a moment of death, of letting go. Why do we fear it so much? We sleep every night having faith in waking every morning, don’t we? It is liberating to know death is an illusion, a programme, a conditioning of the mind that can inhibit us experiencing this life fully. A sleep-like state until woken up to the full beauty of life.

I didn’t always have this awareness or insight. It was at the age of 32 when we lost our mother to cancer, that it became clear to me. Mam guided me to human beings who helped shine the light on the illusion of death. After the light was able to come in, mam communicated with me from the other side. At first, I thought I was going crazy. I was blessed to have the support to help me understand what was happening.  My consciousness had been tuned to another frequency. I was shown truths, images, realms way beyond our physical reality. This helped to sooth the pain of the loss of Mam.

Most human beings live in a state of fear, I know I did! – fear of loss, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being successful enough, fear of not being lovable enough, fear of not being attractive enough, fear of not having enough, fear of getting older, fear of becoming ill, fear of what others think, fear of the unknown, fear of death. Fear consumed me. It is also contributing so much to the crisis we are living in, on this world stage. This conditioning is causing so much dis-ease in our human psyche and is preventing us from living a full creative expression of our true authentic self. That is a true death!

Understanding the concept of death, of letting go, which isn’t new by any means allows the freedom to enjoy fully every aspect of life. Through purification and meditation, we can all achieve this state of being and break through the veil of fear that keeps us imprisoned. We can live without fear of death and embrace it as a returning to the even greater light when it is our time. The pathway that was given to me to help understand more fully, was by a spiritual teacher Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. Through his teachings, one can get a better understanding of the processes involved.

On dying ( not by accident, murder or sudden death ) the process is a sacred ritual that has somewhat been lost in Western Culture. When the soul has finished the journey in this life, it prepares to extract itself from the physical body. This is a process once understood and respected allows the transition to be as smooth as possible. I am blessed to have been invited to facilitate souls pass on from the physical body and witness the great transition. Death, if seen as a new adventure for the soul, is a time to rejoice, as a fellow brother or sister makes the transition and finishes another stage of their evolution. It’s our human side that attaches to the emotion of the process. This can cause great suffering and physical pain, which I experienced until I understood deeper truths and learned to let go. There will come a time where death will be as celebrated as birth, according to a great Tibetan teacher.

The opposite of fear is love. What is love? Love has many deep layers to it. We humans think on a superficial level at first. You know ‘I love you as long as you behave in a certain way or make me happy’  that kind of love. Love with conditions. Then there is love for family, especially our children the unconditional type of love or at least it should be. Then there is love for all, a divine love. The purest and truest form. Self-love is so important and is so often neglected. Without self-love progress is slow and we can suffer a lot. The more love that flows into the human experience the more joy, happiness, health, and abundance follows. Fear cannot live in love and true connection. True connection can be made stronger through meditation, forgiveness and service. Especially through a meditation called Meditation on Twin Hearts by GMCKS and The Great Invocation.

Bring dreams into reality without fear for the time we are here. Follow the soul’s desire to express through the heart centres. Be fearless and passionate in life. Be Love in motion and creatively express fully in this experience.

Thank you for reading and if you or a loved one is struggling with grief, fear, addiction, loss, depression, physical disease or looking for more understanding about the process of dying, please feel free to contact us through the website and we will gladly offer any help we can. Our intent is to ease suffering through offering our experiences, knowledge, education and love. We wish you all well.

Love & Light