Damien Wade

“My journey started when my mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. I was brought on an educational roller coaster to find answers about the cause of her disease. She is one of my best teachers, and through her humble battle, she taught me some valuable pearls of wisdom which I feel in my heart must be shared.  My passion for health has taken me all over the world and guided me to pursue an education that has given me the tools to help people understand and transcend  causes of disease – physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

The mission is to help people understand the true meaning of the word ‘Health & Wellbeing’ and how to keep it in balance on all levels. Damien found there was a huge gap in the market for education, not just on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional and energetic level. The real meaning behind Mind – Body – Spirit Connection.

As a Spiritual Mentor, Life and Performance Coach, and Pranic Energy Practitioner, Damien is a highly sought after speaker/ educator. He delivers workshops  on a National and International Stage covering topics like:

  • Functional Training & Weight Loss Methods
  • Nutrition made Simple for Optimal Health
  • Performance Coaching for Athletes
  • Stress/Anxiety/ Depression and Pain Management Protocols
  • Energy Boosting Strategies for Productivity in the Workplace
  • Harnessing  Healing from Within
  • Mind – Body Connection
  • Meditation
  • Power of Breathing on the Brain
  • Causes of Disease
  • Breaking Through Addiction
  • Relationship Healing
  • Teenage Wellbeing
  • Life Transformational Success
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Spirituality
  • And other wellness related topics.

Damien’s passion is to help people understand and transcend difficult challenges faced in life. Teaching strategies and techniques that are best suited to the unique individual’s needs allowing for accelerated permanent change.

Damien has a huge interest in teenagers. He put together a 6 week Mind – Body Programme for student wellbeing. The programme’s objective is to give students simple techniques to overcome some of the challenges they may experience physically and mentally.  How to overcome stresses in the environment is a main focus, empowering them with confidence to find solutions. This programme was piloted in Gorey Community School with huge success and was rolled out to most secondary schools in Wexford, Ireland.

Damien also works within the business sector delivering tested and proven strategies to transform the health, energy and success of the workforce and overall health and profitability of businesses.

DAMIEN WADE – Personal Profile

“My objective is to empower people to take control of their own health, wellbeing and become truly successful and fulfilled with life”


  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Life & Performance Coach
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • IIPT Physical Therapist & Injury Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Poliquin Institute Certification Program  Level 3 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • BioSignature Practitioner
  • Pranic Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Pranic Psychotherapist
  • Arhatic Yoga Practitioner
  • Mindfulness Facilitator
  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
  • International Speaker/ Educator