To die is to live, to live is to die, until we find what we are truly seeking inside of us to fully exist.

Every moment is a moment of death, of letting go. Why do we fear it so much? We sleep every night having faith in waking every morning, don’t we? It is liberating to know death is an illusion, a programme, a conditioning of the mind that can inhibit us experiencing this life fully. A sleep-like state until woken up to the full beauty of life.

I didn’t always have this awareness or insight. It was at the age of 32 when we lost our mother to cancer, that it became clear to me. Mam guided me to human beings who helped shine the light on the illusion of death. After the light was able to come in, mam communicated with me from the other side. At first, I thought I was going crazy. I was blessed to have the support to help me understand what was happening.  My consciousness had been tuned to another frequency. I was shown truths, images, realms way beyond our physical reality. This helped to sooth the pain of the loss of Mam.

Most human beings live in a state of fear, I know I did! – fear of loss, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being successful enough, fear of not being lovable enough, fear of not being attractive enough, fear of not having enough, fear of getting older, fear of becoming ill, fear of what others think, fear of the unknown, fear of death. Fear consumed me. It is also contributing so much to the crisis we are living in, on this world stage. This conditioning is [...]

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Symptoms of food intolerance

When you experience a reaction or ‘intolerance’ to a particular food or drink, the body can produce a variety of inflammatory responses as it incorrectly identifies the ingredient as a threat. Food intolerances are not normally life threatening unlike food allergies, which need immediate medical attention.
These immune responses can be delayed up to 72 hours and vary in severity, causing digestion problems like IBS, migraine, bloating, skin rashes, joint pain, asthma, low energy levels and even effecting psychological wellbeing triggering labels like depression and anxiety to name a few.
Knowing your own unique food and drink intolerances, and the effects they could have on your health and wellbeing, is important to ensure you make the best possible choices for your diet. The main trigger foods can be dairy, wheat, eggs, nuts, soy and shellfish but also simple healthy foods like broccoli, ginger, garlic can also be the main trigger foods, giving you symptoms of discomfort. Symptoms can go undiagnosed by medical professionals, who may not know what to test for if they have not been trained in nutrition.

There are several different ways to find out what foods may be contributing to you feeling unwell. Some are listed below
1) Food Diary and Elimination Diet – Keep a simple food diary, noting what foods you eat, any symptoms you have after eating these foods and when the symptoms come on. Once you have a good idea which foods may be causing your symptoms, you can try excluding them from your diet one at a time and observing the effect it has. Try cutting out the suspected food from your diet for two to six weeks and see if your symptoms improve. Reintroduce the food [...]

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Energy – Invisible Health



Have you ever stood beside someone who is really positive? How do you feel? Probably happy and energized! Now have you ever stood beside someone who is really negative? How do you feel? Probably drained and exhausted like the life has been sucked out of you. This is exactly what happens on an energy level with all our interactions with people and stressful, daily situations. We connect energetically and most of us do not know how to disconnect, leaving ourselves open to disease on all levels.

My first formal introduction to the energy world was astonishing. It was two weeks after my mother’s passing. I had really severe pain in both my arms for several months, almost preventing me from doing physical activities, i.e. work. Looking at my education and fitness background, I ticked all the boxes for full health. Any physical therapists I attended could not find any underlying issue. I was desperate to get back to normal, especially after mother passing and was prepared to try anything. I was guided to a very special, skilled and gifted Pranic Healer, Ms. Bernadette Sheridan, who explained to me that my pain was not physical but energetic. Skeptical, but willing to try anything to relieve my suffering, she blew my mind wide open. Bernadette explained energy anatomy in a very scientific manner that made sense to me on deeper levels. I had a blockage in my throat chakra due to the stress and grief of my mother’s disease. My pain was miraculously healed.

Science has proven that the universe is made up of vibrating energy. The planet Earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic field that sustains life force. Humans have their own electromagnetic field [...]

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Mind Health – The Key To Happiness


The mind is a beautiful tool that helps create and navigate us through this amazing journey called life. The key to health, happiness and success is becoming the guardian, protector and gardener of this delicate tool that can be manipulated so easily by different forces.

The mind is not to be mistaken for the brain or nervous system or anything physical because it is none of these. Yet it controls our every thought and emotion which leads to a physical action or reaction in the body. Our mind has evolved at a tremendous pace and is capable of retaining more information than past generations. Unfortunately, with the speed of technology, this can be very overwhelming especially for highly sensitive people.

When the mind is manipulated negatively, it leads to rapid degeneration or disease in the physical body.

For example, think of a negative or stressful experience. Be it in school, at home, at work or at any stage of life to date. If enough focus and attention are directed on that thought, we can trigger a stress reaction within the body that causes a release of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

This stress reaction makes our heartbeat faster, breathing shorten, sugar is broken down from the cells to give energy for a fight or flight response,  leading to the emotion of anger, rage or stress. An immune response has been triggered and a  cascade of chemical reactions in the body has been released all by producing one thought while sitting reading this.

The situation just thought of is not in the present moment. It is in the past. However, we have just thought about it as if it were happening right now. This is a normal response for [...]

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The Dark Side of Exercise, Fitness And Perfectionism

‘DO YOU THINK THE ABOVE PHOTO IS A TRUE EMBODIMENT OF HEALTH??’ In October 2011, I entered Mr. Ireland, my first and last bodybuilding competition.

This picture of me on the left which took 4 years to achieve is 16 weeks before the competition cut and on the right actually on competition day ( just to give an insight that it is a slow journey and quick fix transformations are not realistic or maintainable ). The photo does not portrait the real life story which is a true embodiment of fear, pain, obsession, and addiction as a result of childhood trauma. It is a reminder of how I was conditioned to believe that fitness equaled 6 pack abs and ‘perfect’ looking models. Smart advertising and companies cleverly using our idea of perfectionism to sell their products based on insecurities. This is a toxic perception of our world and can lead us to feel not good enough, empty and unfulfilled.

Being passionate about sports from an early age, all I wanted to do was be the best I could be and, more importantly, to enjoy the sport. Then came competition which is good once in balance to help develop, discipline and focus oneself but can be taken to the extreme if not monitored. Sport became no longer about playing for enjoyment and all the other positive benefits; it became about winning.

People volunteering as coaches may have felt the right motivation at the time was to impregnate into our young impressionable minds how we must win and be better than other teams. Motivation is healthy once used in a positive constructive way to bring out the best in a human. Maybe due to a lack of understanding or an ignorance of a higher truth – that [...]

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Protocols to help heal Pain and Dis-ease.

Our human experience is amazing. Once we arrive on the planet Earth we can very quickly forget who we truly are and a lot of pain, suffering, and dis-ease can be caused. Firstly we need to look closely at what is the root cause of our pain not just the symptoms that are on the surface. We need to go deep and look inside. You see, I believe each and every one of us is a natural healer and we have the keys inside to our own healing power. Sometimes we just need a little help unlocking this full healing power potential.

As human beings, we need to understand and acknowledge that we are more than just a physical body. Yes, we physically will feel the dis-ease within our body but this is only one aspect of our healing journey. We also have an emotional body, a mental body, etheric energy body or bioplasmic body that are all connected to our soul body ( to simplify ). Once one of these bodies go out of balance then dis-ease sets into our whole being.

For example, if we go to a doctor with an irritable bowel or any physical symptom, most likely we will be prescribed medication to give us some relief. Let’s say the actual cause of the irritation is dairy. If we take our medication ( which may contain elements of dairy and can cause other side effects so please ask the doctor the appropriate questions ) to help heal and make us feel better and we decide to drink a glass of milk with dinner, have a chocolate dessert, and a coffee all in the one meal sitting or even spread out over the day, the medication cannot heal the [...]

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Nutrition Made Simple


Through trial and error, I came to really understand the importance of food. Like many other people, I was miseducated by the media and fitness industry which feeds us a narrow-minded view of nutrition. In my experience, modern diets and the fitness industry can create great results on a physical level, but there is knowledge available that is not always taken on board that can further advance health. A one size fits all attitude towards full health does not work for everyone and looking at a person’s full being, mind-body-spirit  achieves results on a far deeper level than just the physical. Striving for the perfect physique does not always equate to health.

Here’s the basic, simple truth that may be difficult to comprehend because of its simplicity. Our logical mind/ego wants complexity and science based reasoning. But when it comes to food, just think in terms of ENERGY. Food is energy and its purpose is to give us energy in order to do every day physical and mental tasks. The more strenuous the task, the more food for energy we need. Simple!

If you get in the habit of consuming healthy foods with good protein, slow releasing carbohydrates from clean sources, and vegetables and fruit, you have covered all your nutritional needs for nourishment, optimal health and well-being. Forget about calorie counting, different types of fad diets and supplementation unless you feel you are unable to get the balanced amount of nutrients through proper clean real food.

A balanced and varied diet that compliments your unique individual body is key for physical health. Any food that does not suit your individual body will lead to an imbalance or as the medical industry would diagnose with [...]

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