Our philosophy is simple: Your “complete health” is our primary focus.

Health 3.0 is a philosophy built on a holistic approach to complete health, wellbeing, fitness and ultimately being the best you can be.

Somewhat frustrated by the void or “disconnect” between modern gyms and people realising their full physical (and as a result mental) potential, Damien Wade found Health 3.0. The goal was clearly simple to Damien; provide a complete solution to those wishing to advance their health and fitness to a level not commonly realised in standard gymnasium setups or personal training studios. To achieve this Damien set about a structured and all encompassing approach, with complete end to end physical assessment,  including various forms of thorough diagnostics, analysis of lifestyles and completed by a fully tailor-made personal health and fitness regime. With full one to one support along the way, Damien and his team of specialised trainers are there to guide, support and assist during each individuals “journey”. With this holistic approach clients reach their targets in a shorter, smoother and more safely measured and monitored manner.

“We are not interested in the latest quick fix, buzz words or gimmicks that have left countless people frustrated in their quest for health & fitness. Health 3.0 is holistically driven”.

What makes Health 3.0 unique in Ireland?

Whether your ultimate aim is reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass, prevention and cure of various diseases & serious illnesses, stress management, pain, injury & flexibility management, improving quality of life or just seeking to feel better in yourself and physical and mental state, we are one of the only facilities in Ireland that offers all the services required to achieve these type of results.

We are focused on helping people to achieve healthy and active lifestyles through a combination of exercise, nutrition and alternative medicine. Goals for clients vary according to age, ability and a whole range of factors, but everyone can gain a huge amount from an individually tailored program. When designing your health program we:

  • Remove all the guesswork that can occur when people are left to their own devices following an initial assessment at regular gyms
  • Are fully focused on the exact science behind designing your tailor-made programme
  • Provide you with all the necessary information and education, as well as expert guidance and individual attention
  • Our all encompassing personalised programs include nutrition and any other areas that may need addressing, such as hormone balancing, laboratory testing, and many specialised protocols to bring the body back into balance
  • Provide continuous re-assessments to ensure you are getting the best possible results
  • Monitor, record, educate and motivate you throughout your entire workout, each and every session.

“Health 3.0 also specialise in strength and conditioning coaching for athletes, designing the most effective programs using cutting edge industry knowledge to help athletes to reach peak performance and produce better results”.

Need more from Health 3.0?

For professional and semi professional athletes, or those simply seeking exceptional results, we can provide personal or semi-personal training at very reasonable rates. Personal training involves one-on-one sessions for every workout, while semi-personal training allows clients to use our state of the art professionally equipped training facility together, as in a gym environment, but are supervised from the beginning to the end of their entire session.